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Accomplishments of the Office of the Hon. Neptali M. Gonzales II
Period 2004-2007 ( as City Mayor)
Neptali M. Gonzales II took hold of the reins of Mandaluyong’s local administration in July 2004 until June 2007. In a brief three-year stint, he proved himself to the constituency as an able servant and leader. He embraced risks and trod on the unconventional just to ensure maximum benefit and gain for his people.

He was no stranger to public service being a public trust, having been a 3-term Congressman before becoming the mayor of Mandaluyong. In his end-of-term report to his constituents, he said: “Ang kapakanan ng bawat isa, mula sa pinakabata hanggang sa pinakamatanda ang naging batayan ng isang pagkilos ng aking pamunuan. Ang bawat proyekto at programa na ipinatupad at isinagawa sa nakalipas na tatlong taon ay bahagi ng layuning itaguyod ang higit na mataas na antas ng pag-unlad at pamumuhay sa Mandaluyong.” (Uplifting the welfare of each and everyone in Mandaluyong, from the smallest toddler to the elderly, is the gauge of my leadership and administration. Each program or project that was established for the past three years is part of our overall aim of improving the quality of life and ushering a higher level of progress in Mandaluyong.)
The city’s income for three years under the leadership of Gonzales reached an all-time high of PhP1.78 billion, the highest so far in the city’s history, thanks to his persistent initiatives to improve the city’s tax collection schemes without raising tax rates.

Reports of the City’s Accounting Department revealed that from 2004 to 2005, tax collection increased by 12.15 percent, or about PhP173.5 million. In 2005, city income was pegged at PhP1.6 billion, while income for 2006 was PhP1.78 billion.

Primary factor in the rise of income are the various programs of Gonzales focused on enhancing tax collection, and the implementation of public works and projects that in turn encouraged the growth of confidence of taxpayers and encouraged them to pay their taxes diligently.
Education has always been a priority for Gonzales. Millions of pesos’ worth of equipment, infrastructure and incentives were poured to the education sector by the city government in terms of new school buildings, learning equipment, and technical support to teachers and school personnel.

He increased the city public school’s yearly budget of PhP25 million for textbooks, notebooks, and school supplies of public schools to PhP35 million to ensure that children can maximize their learning potentials. Gonzales invested millions for the procurement of a lot, construction and/or renovation of school buildings and even school ground improvements.

He believes that public education need not mean inferior education. From school facilities, to teachers’ benefits through added incentives, Gonzales made sure his support is generous. He even enhanced the Day Care Program in the city through the implementation of the “Beach-head program.” This strengthened day care teaching with the employment of qualified day care teachers to handle classes of pre-schoolers preparatory to their formal elementary education. This way, children are formally taught and prepared for primary education. From only 21 Day Care Centers in 2004, there are now 36 Day Care Centers in Mandaluyong. And from only 20 day care teachers in 2004, the city now has 44, a clear manifestation of Gonzales’ strong commitment to uplift and support the education of his young constituency.

The City of Mandaluyong Collegiate Scholarship Program which started in 1996 supported 289 students during his term. Gonzales supported this program with an annual appropriation of PhP5 million.

He also setup the free Internet Access for students at the Kaban ng Hiyas Library in January 2005, where more than 18,000 students doing researches have benefited to date.
A healthy citizenry is a happy citizenry. This is an important part of the city government’s thrust of improving the quality of life of each Mandaluyong resident, to have the capacity to truly provide for the best possible health care to the people. Under Mayor Gonzales, the enhancement of health service through the city hospital, the health centers and all health care providers took center stage. He made sure health infrastructures are in place by providing for the rehabilitation and expansion of the city hospital and health centers, and enough equipment, medicines and supplies to these facilities. Like in education, he pumped in millions of pesos in strengthening the delivery of health care programs and services.

It is under his stewardship that the Employees’ Clinic and the X-Ray Laboratory at the city hall were realized which greatly eased the health concerns of employees. The procurement of Health Certificates by clients has become a one-stop-shop at the city hall grounds because the lab also facilitates other tests such as fecalysis, urinalysis, STD, blood count, etc.
Even without much resource both in funding and land space, Mayor Gonzales was able to tap private entities for his social housing program. Through strong partnership with the Gawad Kalinga, 710 families were given decent housing in various barangays. The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) through the Asian Development Bank made it possible for 183 homeless families to have their own homes. Through the intercession of the local government to the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation under the Community Mortgage Program, 71 families are now on their way to become legitimate homeowners while 409 families are with pending applications. Through the CMP, informal settlers were given the chance to own their homes through low-cost financing with the NHMFC.
Mayor Gonzales’ Urban Renewal Program is premised on his vision of Mandaluyong as a well-managed city: good roads, efficient drainage system, lighted streets, pleasing surroundings. Under this program, he undertook road and drainage improvement projects, street lighting, and beautification of center islands, plant boxes and city entry/exit points. He also improved the general look of the city hall by embarking on a thorough upgrading of the whole Maysilo Circle which includes the establishment of pocket parks, new parking areas, landscaping of gardens, and improvement of the sidewalk and perimeter fence.

Well-planned linear parks along the Pasig River were also completed during his term, and without its millions in project costs making a dent on the city coffers. Each boasting of amenities such as promenades, playgrounds, stage, parking, etc., the eight linear parks covering eight barangays in the city were developed through his excellent partnership with the PRRC.
In the local front, Gonzales more than proved his genuine concern for the welfare of his fellow employees. In just three years, he initiated various programs that improved employee management, which in turn translated to better public service performance of city hall employees.

Foremost in his list of achievements for employee welfare is the 634 total number of employees he regularized and promoted during his term alone. He also instituted the provision of PhP2,000 productivity pay/incentive allowance annually to employees, as well as the approval of permanent additional monthly allowance of PhP1,000 to all regular and casual city employees. He also extended the clothing subsidy benefit at PhP2,000 per to include the casual employees. For the street sweepers, he added another PhP500 to their hazard pay, giving them a total of PhP1,000 hazard pay per month.

As a show of support to the continuous career advancement of all employees, Mayor Gonzales ordered the periodic free conduct of review classes for all civil service exam takers, and shouldered all fees associated with the eligibility exams. The generous and always joyous Employees’ Raffle during Christmas, and the Bingo sa Empleyado are events much anticipated by employees especially during the last two years of his term.
In the field of employment and providing sources of livelihood to its constituency, Mandaluyong strengthened its Public Service Employment Office (PESO). PESO undertook an average of nine (9) job fairs per year since 2004. It has facilitated the employment of about 15,000 (hired-on-the-spot) individuals for the total of 28 job fairs initiated by the city. Through these job fairs, employment in 2006 increased by 55 percent compared to 2005, while 2005 employment records showed more than 300 percent increase compared to 2004.
In embracing the technological offerings of the modern times, Mandaluyong benefited a lot especially in areas of tax mapping and attendance monitoring. Work for employees became more efficient while transaction processes of clients became faster. The implementation of the biometrics-based attendance monitoring system brought about ease and discipline to employees, not to mention savings for the city because employees are paid only for the actual time of work rendered, with tardiness and absences readily deducted from the salary if without proper documentations.
The people of Mandaluyong continue to look ahead to the future more confident with these achievements tucked under its belt. Mandaluyong will always be moving forward with the changing times. With excellent peace and order situation, highly productive and literate people, responsive local government, and with a dynamic and cooperative private sector, nothing could go wrong from hereon for the city. As Gonzales puts it: “Hindi ko aangkining lubusan ang lahat ng nakamit ng ating lungsod sa nakaraang tatlong taon, magiging kalabisan sa akin ang gawin iyon. Ang lahat ng mga ito ay nagawa ng inyong lingkod dahil sa inyong binigay na pagtitiwala at suporta.” (It will be very presumptuous for me to claim credit for my mayoralty’s achievements for the past three years. More than anything else, my leadership was founded on the trust and support of our people.)
SUMMARY OF PROJECTS (provide link to Ugnayan)
I. Education
ISAAC LOPEZ INTEGRATED SCHOOL, Vergara - Construction of 4-storey, 48-classrooms building, grounds improvement and Stage renovation
PEDRO P. CRUZ ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Barangka Drive – Construction of new 4-storey, 28-classrooms building
NUEVE DE PEBRERO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Addition Hills – Acquisition of 1,000 sq.m.lot, and construction of an Annex Building with 4-storey, 28-classrooms
BONIFACIO JAVIER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Barangka Drive – Construction of additional building to house a library, teachers’ offices and more classrooms
MATAAS NA PAARALANG NEPTALI A. GONZALES, Mauway – Rehabilitation and renovation of existing buildings
HIGHWAY HILLS INTEGRATED SCHOOL – Construction of the school building
CALL CENTER TRAINING PROGRAM, RTU – Establishment of the only call center training program under the initiative of the city government
Free internet access daily to students at the Kaban ng Hiyas Library
II. Health
Repair of various city health centers, procurement of dental chairs, computers and other equipment
Construction of Mauway Health Center and Lying-in Clinic
Additional funding for new medical equipment, supplies, drugs and medicines, and the renovation of the old building of the Mandaluyong City Medical Center
Establishment of an Employee’s Clinic complete with facilities at the city hall
Establishment of an X-ray Laboratory
III. Social Housing
Partnered with Gawad Kalinga and established 7 GK sites in the city, benefiting 710 families
Partnered with Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission and gave housing to 183 families
Pushed for the implementation of the Community Mortgage Program, where 71 families have been approved for loan from the NHMFC and 406 families awaiting approval of their applications
IV. Urban Renewal
Improvement of roads and drainage systems
- Asphalting/asphalt overlay of Calderon St., Acacia Lane and Union St.; Pines and Sheridan Sts; William, Reliance and Libertad Sts.; A. Luna St., from Aglipay to Daang Bakal, Mabini, and Aglipay Sts.; Dansalan, Pantaleon, Buenconsejo, and Laurel Sts.
- Concreting and Drainage Improvement of Pinagtipunan and Sanggunay Sts; King’s Road and Wack WAck Road; J. Luna and A.T. Reyes Sts.; M. Gonzaga and Malinao Sts.; Gueventville and San Rafael Sts.; Aliw St., Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Sts., and Paraiso St.; and Florate and Haig Sts.
Street Lightning
- Street lighting of Barangka Ibaba; Mandaluyong-Makati Bridge; Martinez St.; Wack Wack and Laurel Sts.; Ilino Cruz St.; and Boni Avenue
Improvement of public cemetery facilities
- Rehabilitation of Mandaluyong City Cemetary and construction of new apartment-type niches and bone crypt
Maysilo Circle Improvement
- Park and butterfly pavilion
- PNP Pocket Park
- Improvement of Maysilo Circle sidewalk and perimeter fence, and Bantayog ng Kabataan perimeter wall and sidewealk
- Improvement if Boni Avenue and San Francisco center island plant boxes
Linear Park Development
- Buayang Bato Linear Park – with covered court, promenade, stage, and children’s playground
- Barangka Ilaya Linear Park – with covered court, promenade, stage, children’s playground, amphitheater, parking space, multi-purpose arena
- Barangka Ibaba Linear Park – with multi-purpose hall, promenade, basketball court
- Hulo Linear Park – with plaza and gazebo, promenade, ferry station, tawiran ng bayan, road improvement, waiting shed
- Vergara Linear Park – Acquisition of lot, children’s playground, gazebo, badminton court, mini-stage, promenade, rehabilitation of revetment wall
- Mabini-J. Rizal – Children’s playground, basketball court, gazebo, stage, promenade
V. Local Governance
634 employees were promoted/regularized from 2004 to 2006, the highest in the city’s history
Recognition of Ten Outstanding Employees annually
Recognition of employees who had served the city for 40 years and up
Productivity pay (incentive allowance) of PhP2,000.00 for employees annually
Approval of permanent additional allowance of PhP1,000.00 to all city
Approval of additional PhP500.00 hazard pay to all ESC Street Sweepers
Approval of clothing subsidy to include casual employees at PhP2,000.00 per year
Free civil service exam and review to all interested employees
VI. Peace and Order
Construction of PhP20M Police and Fire Sub-station at the foot of Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge, Hulo
Funding for the seven (7) new patrol cars of the PNP
Purchase of additional fire truck, ambulance, medical supplies, fire equipment and various office supplies of the Fire Dept.
Renovation of the Central Fire Station to give space to the 72 additional personnel of the Fire Dept.
Construction of five (5) new community precincts
Additional allowance of PhP1,000.00 and rice subsidy to police/fire personnel
VII. Local Legislation
Enabled the publication of the “Book of Ordinances 1988-2005” by the Sangguniang Panlungsod
VIII. Social Services
Pamaskong Handog, the annual gift-giving of the city to its poor constituents has increased from 2004 with 35,000 beneficiaries to 50,000 and finally to 60,000 beneficiaries in 2005 and 2006.
Water supply through the Manila Water Co., Inc has excellent quality, high water pressure at 12psi
List of Projects Implemented by the Office of the Hon. Neptali M. Gonzales II
Period 2007- current ( as Congressman)
Construction of 4-storey, 40-classroom
school building in Eulogio Rodriguez
Elementary School, Phase One with
ground improvement
Construction of 4-storey, 40-classroom
school building in Pedro P. Cruz
Elementary School, Phase One
Construction of MJ Rizal Covered Court 3,500,000.00
Construction of Block 39 Day Care Center 1,500,000.00
  GRAND TOTAL - Php 40,000,000.00
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